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TRīB (pronounced Tribe) is an outdoor technology company specializing in updating adventure sporting goods with sensible, high-tech, and fashionable accessories and modifications that make the outdoor experience more immersive and enjoyable.


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Know Your Craft

airCap replaces the C7/D7 valve cap with an always-on pressure gauge. It lets you know boat pressure at a glance. Exceptional low light performance allows dawn, dusk, and headlamp operation. Proper inflation improves performance and prevents damage.



airCap Specs

airCap is a solar-powered, high-accuracy pressure gauge which is compatible with the C7/D7 valve. It measures up to 20 psi, making it ideal for a range of inflatable craft including rafts, IKs, SUPs and RIBs. An optional alarm is triggered when pressure has reached unsafe levels.


Accurately measures up to 20 psi

Water Resistance

Sealed and submersible


Long, battery-free life

Overpressure Alarm

Optional models alarm at 2.5 psi or 3.5 psi

Low-Light Operation

Dusk, dawn, under headlamp

Designed for Water

airCap is rugged and fully sealed, ready for your most extreme boating adventures. Solar powered and no batteries or parts to replace.

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