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TRīB (pronounced Tribe) is an outdoor technology company specializing in updating adventure sporting goods with sensible, high-tech, and fashionable accessories and modifications that make sporting experiences more immersive. TRīB's original passion is in paddlesports and rafting, with eyes toward innovation in outdoor and other watersports.

We are an adventurous group of engineers and designers, but more than that we understand the experiences we represent and build our products for. We know what products are useful because we live these sports and consider ourselves part of the "Tribe". We use this word in the sense that we are social people that tend to bond and associate by group.

To us, TRīB represents a community of outdoor enthusiasts who, in many cases, see themselves as part of a group that is both unique and tight-knit, with members who are proud of this part of their personal identity.

For this reason, TRīB aspires to not only make products for an updated world of outdoor sports and adventures, but also apparel and other merchandise that represents our community and its passion for these sports.

We Appreciate Your Support

We are small company with big dreams. The support we've received from our friends, family and colleagues has been incredible and truly humbling.  We started this company with the idea of bringing innovative products to market to enable, empower and enhance the outdoor experience.  We love the outdoors and think that those experiences can be and often are life changing.  We have some amazing products in the works.  If you want to help support the mission we would be forever grateful.  Here are some ways you can help.

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