airCap LF Pressure Gauge for C7/D7 Valves, PSI, No Alarm

airCap LF Pressure Gauge for C7/D7 Valves, PSI, No Alarm


airCap is a pressure gauge for inflatables, but unlike other gauges it always stays on your valve. It uses solar-power and has an accurate, easy to read display. Measuring up to 20 psi, airCap LF is compatible with all rafts, standup paddleboards, inflatable kayaks, and inflatable boats that use Leafield C7 or D7 valves. Knowing your pressure is absolutely critical! Inflatable craft are expensive and can easily sustain damage from over-pressure. The pressure in an inflatable boat can double from a cool morning to mid-day sun and will vary based on elevation. Seam lines can burst and baffles can tear from uneven chamber inflation. And what's more, inflatables handle and track better when properly inflated. Regular gauges are impractical for continuous pressure monitoring and are not often rugged, waterproof or accurate. airCap solves this problem, by becoming part of your inflatable. It's simple and it just works. Protect your investment! Know your pressure, know your craft!

  • Efficient, solar-powered, battery free, long-life operation.

  • Performs in low-light at dusk, dawn and by headlamp.

  • High-visibility, easy-to-read LCD displays pressure to one hundredth of a psi.

  • Compatible with C7 and D7 valves, also with complimentary grey color.

  • Make-before-break seal prevents air escape during installation.

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Part number 100-001.

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